Endemol Shine Germany: Quick access to all data


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Endemol Shine Germany: Quick access to all data

With a customised contact centre solution, the Enghouse brand ANDTEK optimises the TV production company's business processes.


Hallbergmoos, 2nd October 2015 – Endemol Shine Germany GmbH, one of the leading TV production and entertainment companies in Germany, launches a ticketing and casting offer based on a customer interaction solution from Enghouse Interactive managing ANDTEK GmbH.

Endemol Shine Germany GmbH is a producer and is also responsible for the casting and viewer coordination of various shows. To this end, there is an in-house ticket service that takes care of the distribution of tickets, the organisation of the audience and looks after any studio guests. For this whole organisation, since Spring 2015, a contact centre solution from Enghouse Interactive managing ANDTEK GmbH is used.

„The most plausible solution on the market"

„We wanted a stable and reliable contact centre solution offering all the major functions", says Jörg Klaas, Head of Ticketing at Endemol Shine Germany.
Specifically, there are three redundant components from ANDTEK with high availability: contact centre, attendant console and voice recording. The Contact Centre uses Endemol Shine Germany as the in-house audience coordinator. The attendant console is located at the reception and receives all calls for the company's locations in Cologne and Berlin. The voice recorder is used in a casting process for one of the Endemol Shine Germany's formats.
This system „is stable and makes every day business considerably easier", says Endemol-Manager Jörg Klaas. Therefore, for us the ANDTEK solution „is the most plausible solution you can get".

Customised call distribution for maximum customer satisfaction

The contact centre solution „AND Desktop CC" can be integrated into existing IT software that processes incoming calls to the central number or uses the hunt group and automatically distributes calls to the right agent using certain algorithms. The employee sees the status of the other members of their group in real time on their IP telephone (number of registered employees, availability rate of the group, number of callers in the queue). With the contact centre solution „AND Desktop CC", Endemol can integrate various corporate directories, databases, telephone system address directories or Microsoft Exchange contacts. The operator can automatically search with a single search query in all data sources and all contacts found are immediately displayed.

Quick access to the different data formats

With the attendant console solution „AND Desktop AC" from ANDTEK, Endemol Shine Germany has a complete overview of all telephone subscribers. Phone calls are safely routed to the right agents in a matter of seconds using an intelligent search function („Multiple Cross-Database Search"). Employees can access multiple parallel data sources and search hundreds of thousands of entries at lightning speed – via IP phone, web browser or PC. The employee does not need to worry about the origin of the data. Even differently formatted data such as phone numbers with/without country or area codes or special characters are not a problem.

Optimised-quality voice recorder

For Casting, Endemol Shine Germany uses the voice recording module „AND Recorder" from ANDTEK. Calls can be recorded either constantly or as needed regardless of the call location. A call is always recorded from the beginning even if the employee only activates the recording during said call. With „AND Recorder" conversations are recorded in full.

„Clean Workflow"

The solution from ANDTEK with its contact centre, attendant console and voice recording modules offers Endemol significant benefits and great value in everyday use. „Our processes run smoothly and allow a clean workflow in our daily operations", says Jörg Klaas from Endemol Shine Germany.


Enghouse Interactive is a global leader in providing solutions that deliver differentiated customer experience and maximize the value of every customer interaction. Enghouse Interactive's comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions span multi-channel call centers, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR), knowledge management, operator con-soles, call recording and quality monitoring, media voice services, and outbound dialers. These solutions support any telephony environment and flexible deployment options, on premise or in the cloud. With Enghouse Interactive solutions, your customers can reach you anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Enghouse Interactive is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a software and services company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol "ESL." Founded in 1984, Enghouse Systems is consistently profitable, and has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Andtek, Arc, CosmoCom, Datapulse, IAT Smartdial, IT Sonix, Safeharbor, Syntellect, Telrex, Trio, Voxtron and Zeacom are trademarks of Enghouse Interactive. Learn more at www.enghouseinteractive.de


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